Longdo Map API

This page contains information about the Longdo Map API, which is a set of programming library and services that enables users to embed a map in their web pages using JavaScript language (similar to in Longdo Map).

By using the Longdo Map API, you agree to be bound by the Longdo Map API Terms of Use, which you should read it through, but here are some points worth hi-lighting here:

  • Free API: The API can be used free of charge for your services that are accessible to consumers, freely or restricted, with or without charge, provided that the amount of data served and measured by MM servers to your services does not exceed the Longdo Map API Free Usage Threshold, which is currently set to 5 GB per month.
  • In case of exceeding, you will have two options of either 1) continue pulling the data from MM servers under a subscription of MM's commercial map solutions, or 2) receive no more data from MM servers until the beginning of the consecutive month. You will be contacted by MM's salesperson in such cases via the e-mail you registered with MM or other possible means. In case that MM cannot contact you for any reasons, the second option will be automatically chosen for You.
  • MM reserves the right to include advertising in the maps images provided to You through the service at any time
  • There is no restriction in using Longdo Map API in such applications that are involved with dispatch / fleet management systems.
  • Google Maps: Longdo Map API provides convenient functions to enable the use Google Maps API with Longdo Map API. However, using Google Maps API is subject to the separete Google Maps Terms and Conditions. Using Google Maps in certain applications, e.g., fleet management, asset tracking, or using in non publicly accessible web sites is NOT FREE and require fee-based subscription. Please contact Google for more details.

Before using the API, you will need the API key which you can get by following these steps:

  1. Register for an account at Longdo Map (if you haven't had one yet).
  2. Click at the "My Longdo Map" link on the top right corner of the page or browse to http://map.longdo.com/user .
  3. Click at the "Longdo Map API" tab.
  4. Follow the instruction in that page to generate an Longdo Map API key for your web URL.

You will need to know JavaScript programming in order to use the Longdo Map API. For technical documentation of the API, please consult the Longdo Map API Documentation page.

NOTE: if you simply want to include a map image of a location in your web page, not the draggable map window, there is another service called Map Snippet which is much easier to use and requires NO programming skill.