download poi in .kmz format?

i would like to download the 10,000 poi from your map. is that possible?

I tried the "download KMZ" link on the map page and downloaded a 99K .kmz file, and then tried uploading it to google maps, but it produced an error - file incomplete I think it said.

can you help me? does that  longdomap-poi.kmz file contain all the 10,000 points of interest - and if so, why doesn't it load into google maps? Is there something I have to do with the file first.


pete smith

pattara's picture

the longdomap-poi.kmz file contains 1,xxx (not 10,000) contributed POIs -- I can open it with Google Earth (without doing anything extra) but haven't tried with Google Map yet.

Does it work with Google Earth for you?