About Longdo Map


Explaining the location of a place in Bangkok to a person who does not know was never an easy task. Although web-based map technology is not a new thing in the global world, there is so far no online map service that is efficient, easy to use, and covers the Bangkok metropolitan area in detail.

To solve this problem, Metamedia has developed the Longdo Map web service, an online map service for Bangkok. Longdo Map is web-based; launch a web browser, point to the URL http://map.longdo.com/ and you're done. No need for special plug-ins or software installation.

Navigating the map is easy, click you mouse on the map and drag to move it around. Scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Enter a text in the search box to search for a location and click at the result to see where that location is on the map.

Apart from viewing and searching the map, users can also contribute new locations by right-clicking on the map where you want to create a new location and choose Add a location. The contributed locations will be checked and approved and if successful, will be shown on the map.


Longdo Map is the first collaborative and online map service for Bangkok that has the following characteristics:

  • Online: Users can view the map using a standard web browser (IE or Firefox) without any special plug-ins or other software.
  • Detailed: The map covers streets, rivers, and more than 10,000 Point-of-Interests (POIs) from the data provided by the Bangkok Metropolitan Area office.
  • Search-able: Users can search for a location. By clicking at the search result, the map zooms to that location and shows the details of that location automatically.
  • Collaborative: Users can easily add a new location to the map. After being checked and approved, the location will appear on the map.
  • Free: Access to the map service is free of charge.
  • Satellite-Images: By clicking at the "satellite" link, Longdo Map shows the satellite images of the currently-browsed location using the Google Map API service.
  • Link-to-Page: By clicking at the "link to page" link, the browser reloads the current page with the URL shown in the browser's address field. Using this URL, users can later directly browse to the current location in the current zoom mode without having to navigate around anymore.


Longdo Map is comprised of several parts developed using Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, etc. Tools and products used are Apache HTTP server, PHP4, MySQL,


Map data used in Longdo Map are from two sources:

  • Thailand map from NuMap
  • Bangkok map (in Bangkok-only map mode) from Bangkok Metropolitan Area's Data CD number 2 freely available from BMA.


If you have any comments of questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at webmaster AT map.longdo.com .